Will Hurricane Lee Affect USA Oil and Gas?

Hurricane Lee and Hurricane Margot are expected to have minimal impact on oil and gas production facilities, according to analysts at Standard Chartered.

In a report, the analysts stated that Hurricane Lee’s trajectory is forecasted to be northerly, moving parallel to the US east coast. While it may affect New York area refining capacity, the impact will depend on storm surges and where it makes its final landfall. Hurricane Margot has turned northerly in the center of the Atlantic and is not anticipated to impact production or refining either.

However, both hurricanes could potentially disrupt shipping routes.

At present, Hurricane Lee has maximum sustained winds of 85 mph and is moving north at 15 mph, while Hurricane Margot has maximum sustained winds of 75 mph and is moving east-northeasterly at 3 mph, according to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC). The NHC expects Lee to continue moving north, then turn north-northeast and northeast.

The center of the storm is projected to approach the coast of New England and Atlantic Canada, and it is expected to remain large and dangerous for the next few days. Hurricane Margot is anticipated to weaken gradually over time.

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